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PDPR: What's the Point?

In common with other systems for personal development and planning, the purpose is to:

  • Facilitate the development of services so that they better meet the needs of users and the public through investing in the development of all staff.
  • Support the effective learning and development of individuals and teams – with all staff being supported to learn throughout their careers and develop in a variety of ways and being given the resources to do so.

What is PDPR about?

It is about treating all individuals fairly and equitably. In turn, individual members of staff are expected to make a commitment to develop and apply their knowledge and skills to meet the demands of their post and to work flexibly in the interests of the public.

Supporting individuals through learning and development in the post in which they are employed, enables staff to feel valued and part of something important. This promotes equality for all staff.

When managers and staff are clear about what is required within a post this promotes a transparent and inclusive working environment for all staff.